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The following table provides links to the MATSEC syllabi.
SEC 2014viewdownload
SEC 2015viewdownload
Intermediate Level 2014viewdownload
Advanced Level 2014viewdownload
Intermediate Level 2015viewdownload
Advanced Level 2015viewdownload

The following table provides links to sample SEC 2012 papers and the corresponding marking schemes.
PaperSample PaperMarking Scheme

The following table provides links to other useful MATSEC documents.
Document TitleViewDownload
SEC May 2011 Marking Schemesviewdownload
SEC May 2010 Paper 1 Marking Schemeviewdownload
SEC May 2010 Paper 2A Marking Schemeviewdownload
SEC May 2010 Paper 2B Marking Schemeviewdownload
SEC May 2013 Examiners' Reportviewdownload
SEC May 2012 Examiners' Reportviewdownload
SEC May 2011 Examiners' Reportviewdownload
SEC May 2010 Examiners' Reportviewdownload
SEC May 2009 Examiners' Reportviewdownload
SEC Coursework Checklistviewdownload

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