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Posted by admin3 Posted on Mar - 18 - 2012

We have just added a new section for Students. It currently includes 4 games (see below), which serve as ideal introductory and/or reflective activities for topics like electrical components, magnetism and gravitational forces amongst others.

Electric Box 2
Use the items to connect electricity from the source to the target. Use the mouse to click and drag items on or off the game board. With items that can be flipped, click on them to reverse their directions.

Slide, bounce and spring your way through 30 obstacle-filled levels or create your own. An amazing game for learning the concepts of motion, forces, electricity, magnetism, light, and so much more.

Magnetic Moment
Red magnets draw in the ball. Blue Magnets push the ball away. After you set-up the magnets to create a Magnetic Moment press the play button to see if your Magnetic Moment puts the ball in the basket.

Gravity Master
Collect all rotating circles with the black ball. You can move the ball by drawing shapes with mouse and using physics. The ways of completing a level is only limited by your imagination and line limit.

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