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An Examination Paper

Posted by admin1 Posted on Jul - 10 - 2012

Ms Charlotte Saliba Camilleri presented a powerpoint presentation about the Setting Up of an Examination Paper in Physics. This was presented during the Inset course for teachers of Physics in July 2012. The presentation can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here

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Physics Syllabus ‘In’ & ‘Out’

Posted by admin1 Posted on Jul - 09 - 2012

Mr Neil Briffa gave a presentation about the ‘in’ and the ‘out’ of the Physics SEC syllabus during the July Inset for teachers of Physics. From the following link one can download a copy of the powerpoint presentation used. Click here

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Fronter: Train the Trainer

Posted by admin1 Posted on Jul - 06 - 2012

A call has been issued for interested state school teachers to become trainers in the new eLearning Platform, called Fronter. Interested teachers will be asked to attend an intensive voluntary course in early September, leading to formal accreditation by Fronter. Applications should be submitted to Mr Raymond Facciol by Friday 13th of July 2012. For  [Read More]

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Simulation for Radioactivity

Posted by admin1 Posted on Jul - 05 - 2012

A very good interactive simulation for the teaching and learning about radioactivity is available at You will need to register with the site first, before freely downloading the simulation .msi programme. Teachers who have used this simulation have found it extreemly useful, coupled with the actual Geiger Muller tube and counter if available. This  [Read More]

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Primary Students on Euronews

Posted by admin1 Posted on Jul - 03 - 2012

Last year’s U4Energy European Winners, St Francis Primary School, Cospicua, featured on Euronews in the last few days. Publicity to the Energy Efficiency programme run by the school was provided during the feature. The 3 minute feature is available for viewing at Our congratulations to the Head of School, teachers, students and parents for  [Read More]

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PRIMAS FP7 project

Posted by admin1 Posted on Jun - 20 - 2012

During this scholastic year, the University of Malta, Faculty of Education, Department of Mathematics, Science and Technical Education in collaboration with the Curriculum Management and eLearning Department participated in an EU FP7 project called PRIMAS The scope of this project is to promote inquiry-based learning in mathematics and science at both primary and secondary  [Read More]

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Posts TO & ATO State Colleges

Posted by admin1 Posted on Jun - 02 - 2012

Applications are currently being accepted for the post of Technical Officer (TO) and Assistant Technical Officer (ATO) in Science in state colleges. Applicants should already be Public Officers in the Malta Public Service. Applications are being accepted until Friday 28th September 2012. The link to the applications for TO is at: Officer ENG DES  [Read More]

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Graphs tell Stories

Posted by admin1 Posted on May - 05 - 2012

Graphs tell Stories is a video that shows how graphs can be used in the classroom to tell stories! The graph in the video is about two 100m runners who run the final race. Their Distance – Time graphs are told as a moving and exciting story. This story is found on the TES website  [Read More]

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Posted by admin1 Posted on Jun - 20 - 2010

A new inquiry based learning EU project, PRI-SCI-NET is being launched in Malta by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (Dr Suzanne Gatt) on Tuesday 3rd July 2012 at Bighi, Kalkara at 9.00. An information session will be held to introduce this project aimed at primary school teachers interested to teach science in a  [Read More]

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Post in Chemistry at JC

Posted by admin1 Posted on Jun - 02 - 2010

A call for a full time Academic Post in Chemistry at Junior College is currently being advertised. The closing date is Friday 8th June 2012. The link to the call is at:

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