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Scientix promotes and supports a Europe-wide collaboration among STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) teachers, education researchers, policymakers and other STEM education professionals. In its first stage (2009-2012), the project ...

Use of Passive Voice in Report

Lab reports, like any other writing, have their own format and style. Their purpose is to communicate exactly what occurred in an experiment or observation and to clearly discuss ...

Physics INSET July 2014

Teachers of Physics were invited to attend for a 1-day in-set course on Differentiated Teaching and Learning of Physics in a mixed ability setting. The 1-day course started off with a ...

DataLogger Worksheet for GCHSS

The Data Logger worksheets used during this year’s Inset can be downloaded from here: Pendulum SHM

iPad Apps

The iPad Apps used by Mr Mark Xuereb during this year’s Inset were: TeacherKit - link here Gradekeeper for iPad - link here Pdf-notes free for iPad - link here Star Walk - 5 ...

An Examination Paper

Ms Charlotte Saliba Camilleri presented a powerpoint presentation about the Setting Up of an Examination Paper in Physics. This was presented during the Inset course for teachers of Physics ...

Physics Syllabus 'In' & 'Out'

Mr Neil Briffa gave a presentation about the 'in' and the 'out' of the Physics SEC syllabus during the July Inset for teachers of Physics. From the following ...

Fronter: Train the Trainer

A call has been issued for interested state school teachers to become trainers in the new eLearning Platform, called Fronter. Interested teachers will be asked to attend an intensive ...

Simulation for Radioactivity

A very good interactive simulation for the teaching and learning about radioactivity is available at You will need to register with the site first, before freely downloading the simulation ...

Primary Students on Euronews

Last year's U4Energy European Winners, St Francis Primary School, Cospicua, featured on Euronews in the last few days. Publicity to the Energy Efficiency programme run by the school was ...

Other Interesting Websites

  • MASE - Maltese Association of Science Educators
  • eTwinning - The community for schools in Europe
  • Scientix - The community for science education in Europe
  • U4Energy - The European school challenge
  • EAAE - European Association for Astronomy Education
  • SEEP - Science Education European Platform
  • UoM, Faculty of Education, Department of Mathematics, Science & Technical Education